Erik Walker has been writing and recording music for theater, dance, film, interactive media and television in the Bay Area since 1982. His range of style encompasses blues/folk, rock, jazz, classical, new age, hip-hop, gothic, industrial, ambient and good old euro-trash. He writes lyrical, dark, lucious, beautiful, driving, soaring and captivating music, and has a deft touch for setting sound in a supportive role. His acumen with combining real and electronic sounds has always been a trademark, and his fine string writing attracts artists from all genres. He is a great session player on keyboards, as he always is attentive to the ensemble sound. He brings 20 years of understanding to collaboration with artists of all types.

    But don’t take our word for it! Watch film clips from the indie-film multiple award winner “The Smell of Burning Ants” by Jay Rosenblatt.

Sequence 1
Sequence 2
Sequence 3

    Listen to clips from numerous collaborations with great artists like Joe Goode and Veronique Guillaud.

    Sensual classical crossover [lo] [hi]
    Grand Sweep w/vox [lo] [hi]
    Mahlerian Ethereal [lo] [hi]
    Uptempto cellos [lo] [hi]
    classical violas [lo] [hi]
    Lone trumpet in a big big space [lo] [hi]
    Quiet afro-cuban montuno [lo] [hi]
    Psycho sound design [lo] [hi]
    Industrial ambient [lo] [hi]
    Trippy ambient [lo] [hi]
    Art pop [lo] [hi]
    Jazz [lo] [hi]
    Noir jazz [lo] [hi]
    Eurohiphop [lo] [hi]
    Hiphop [lo] [hi]
    Boogiewoogie [lo] [hi]

Here is a partial list of Erik’s Collaborations and Clients

Theater/Dance/performance: Joe Goode Performance Group (Disaster Series, Without a Place, Transparent Body, Body Familiar, 29 Effeminate Gestures ); Mundial Sisters (Suspended Life, Free Fall, Nuns in the Surf); Margaret Jenkins Dance Co.; Wayne Hazzard/Mercy Sidbury; ODC; Epic Arts; Cell; Encore Theater; George Coates; Gary Palmer; Erica Essner Co-op (now in New York); Robi del Mar; John Birdsong; Atomic Motel; Neither/Neither World; Wax Museum at Fisherman’s Wharf; Donna Sachet; Ann Drogynous.
Television: Colossal Pictures; Tim Boxell; MTV; Hank Smith Music; KQED; Levi’s; 21st Century Learning; ZDTV
Interactive: Digital Collections (Robert Mapplethorpe CDrom); Backweb; SGI; I forget all those internet start-ups from the late 90’s already.
Film: Wayne Wang (Center of the World); Jay Rosenblatt; Micheal Wallin (Black Sheep Boy).
Record Labels: Six Degrees; Ubiquity