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"I HAVE NEVER TOLD YOU" combines 3 elements like 3 simultaneously running stories that sweep the listener through passages of introspective, moody, luscious sounds that segue to simple, arresting vocals arriving like directions to the next place on another path, and sudden bursts of rhythm that renew the scenery and prepare one for the next adventure.  

Marit Brook-Kothlow, the acclaimed singer/dancer from the Joe Goode Performance Group, Erik Ian Walker, creator of the Kisses, and Dave Mihaly, percussionist extraordinaire, have created a powerful collaborative CD experience distilled from their years of music, experimental theater, dance, and film work. The genesis began on the set of a play in San Francsico and over the next year developed into this astonishing work of emotional power and intimacy- a soundtrack that needs no film.

  Searching, deserted violas dissolve into a downtown street corner, a voice wanders by on the street, singing of escape, a sudden snap to a kettle being put on brings in a quietly trudging piano with a gorgeous melody that just won't quit that turns into a massive tower of piano chords and reaches a peak of intense longing just as the shrill whistle of the kettles explode- then a rush of drums bubble in like a creek in a refreshing place. That's one ride. There's five, depending on who's counting.

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All Music ©2004
Erik Ian Walker &
Marit Brook-Kothlow

Published by Wackoworld Music (BMI)

003 Bottom Feeder Records

Erik Ian Walker
Marit Brook-Kothlow
Phyllis Kamrin
Dave Mihaly
Ara Anderson
Grant Walker
Billierae Engelman

1. Set Up
2. Far From Here
3. The Cup Of Tea
4. Scene Change
5. I Have Never Told You
6. The Gateway
7. The Garden
8. Pause To Refreshen
9. Jump into an Instant of New
10. Castle Canyon
11. Don't Need It
12. I Can Get Along
13. F Jord Serpent
14. Ferry Across The River
15. Ear Freshener/Reunited
16. A Break in the Action
17. An Image in the Dark
18. The Last Cup of Tea
19. Far From Here
20. Furry Lisa