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Joe Cunningham, guitar, and Erik Walker, piano, just finished off a new set of tunes, mostly traditional folk, and are itchin' to demonstrate their acumen and respectful irreverence for this fine music and things in general.  Fun, fresh takes on old folk tunes from way back in simple, lively style with just enough sense of humor and unique solos to make it a kick in the pants.

This project began as a memorial to Joe's father, Jim, who passed away a short time back.  We recorded a few of his favorite songs, and the results seemed quite fine, and everyone who heard it wanted to hear more.  So we made more, and now we're rolling it out.  The piano has wheels, even.

We call it Music for Squares because, like, dude- Joe is the most famous male-type quilter in this here country, and you make quilts with squares of fabric and etc.   So there you have it.

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All Music ©2006
Wackoworld Music (BMI)

Published by Wackoworld Music (BMI)

004 Bottom Feeder Records

Erik Ian Walker
Joe Cunningham

1. Red Wing
2. Bonnie Eloise
3. Old Oaken Bucket
4. The Crawdad Song
5. Laredo
6. Snow Deer
7. Soldier's Joy
8. Under the Double Eagle
9. TB Blues
10. Listen to the Mockingbird
11. Wildwood Flower
12. Old Joe Clark
13. Silver Threads

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