Client List & Studio Samples

    The Crib, WackoWorld Music’s recording facility in Bernal Heights in San Francisco, produces big and beautiful sound at an affordable price for its clientele ($35 an hour). We always work with the budgets of the artists who bring their projects here, as we are committed to the life and vitality of the music scene here in the Bay Area. Producers/engineers Erik Walker and Lemon DeGeorge bring 50 years of recording experience to The Crib. Both started out in the tape/electronic music movements of the 70’s, and still bring that spirit of creativity to their work. Lemon, who recorded all sound for the huge hit documentary Ghengis Blues and is a founding member of the goth-folk band Neither/Neither World (very big in Japan), is an excellent acoustic sound engineer. Erik offers full digital & midi (synth tracking, drum machine, looping), as well as excellent tonal coloring of a mix. Listen to some samples from our sessions
    We record and produce all variety of music, from folk guitar to jazz to rock to classical to experimental theater sound to drum ‘n bass to heavy midi to film/TV score to simple voice-overs. All-digital editing makes everything possible. Please check the CLIENT LIST to see what we mean about our involvement with the creative side of San Francisco.

    The cozy environs of the studio is 2 rooms 10 x 12, with two smaller rooms for isolating amps and/or singers. Ensembles up to 5 people work well in the space. Larger and louder (big rock) groups are tracked elsewhere and postproduction (editing and mixing) is done at the Crib. A beautiful garden is just outside for relaxing breaks.

    SPECS: The Crib is 32 track 24 bit hard-disk recording using Digital Performer 2.7 (the stable one), with a Fostex digital board for routing, and CD burn and Mp3 final product (DAT, too). 16 tracks of ADAT tracking or transfer also available. 8-Track analog recording is available, and full midi synthesizer array as well!! See our EQUIPMENT LIST now.

>> Listen to some samples from our sessions