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    The most basic principle I can offer to you regarding rock/blues/pop/funk keyboards is: Make sure your amp is just as big and loud as the guitarist's. That and: all rhythm is about whether you are playing right on the beats, or if you are playing on the off-beats. The constant flow of emphasizing the pulse and playing off of it (contrasting) makes up all rhythm. It is the difference between being interesting or boring. Period.

    If you can freely combine various rhythms, mix them up left and right, go straight down the highway with a driving, hitting-on-all-the-pistons no curves for the next 100 miles across Nevada kind of thing, AND then drive the lane, pump fake, look left, dish right, duck behind a screen, take the return feed and toss in a fade away floater from the deep corner well, you've got being ON the beat, and playing OFF the beat (syncopation).