mp3 audio "Sunlight In My Window"
pdf file "Sunlight In My Window"
finale viewer file "Sunlight In My Window"
Download this file to computer
and open with Notepad.

    This little number involves an interlocking two hand rhythm with a bit of melody. The left hand draws it’s rhythm from line 3 in Two Hand Rhythms #2 (see lesson 3), and it only varies from that groove twice. The Right starts out playing mostly on the off-beats,
like in the On the Beat Off the Beat page, with the DRAMATIC moment in measure 9 where both hands come together. Notice how important this sounds when it arrives. Listen to the music and try to follow along in the sheet music. Use the Notepad file if you have downloaded the program. It is very handy because it runs a cursor along the music as it plays. It doesn’t sound as nice as the real piano, but hey.

    Practice the first two measures until you have the feel. That feel continues for almost the whole song. There is seldom a note on beat 2, take notice. Later, when the music starts hitting something on beat 2, it has a fresh feeling. Leaving something out so you can use it to good effect later is useful and effective.
    It is a 12-bar Form. It goes through the tune twice, before changing the melody and it’s rhythm (change happens at Meas. 23!).
    Keep your hands relating to each other. In these pieces, being aware of how the two fit into each other is what it is all about. It is not about forgetting about the left hand and the right hand is the focus. The rhythmic feel depends on your staying together and feeling the back and forth of the hands and fingers. Try out how the opening two bars feels if you tap out the fingers on a tabletop, as if you were playing the notes.