When you can play the thing, WORK ON KEEPING THE LOUDNESS OF THE LEFT HAND DOWN WHILE KEEPING THE RIGHT HAND IN FRONT, BUT NOT SUPER LOUD. You want the left hand rolling effect to provide a texture bed upon which the melody floats over. Be rock steady with the rhythm. A constant flow of 1/8th notes is the easiest bassline to play, as there are no stops and starts to organize with the right hand. It ain't syncopated. A more advanced item is to play the melody in a more loose manner, a little out of rhythm, but maintain the left hand completely steady.
    IMPROV. 1. Change the chords behind the melody. Go see the Harmony Reharmonizing lesson (#?) and apply this technique. Make up your own similar chord progression, perhaps just moving up or down a step and returning. Then, drop a slow scale line rising and falling on it with your right hand and just make sure you hit notes in the chords sometimes, and sometimes intentionally hit notes that DON'T FIT.