mp3 audio "Cheap Thrills" explanation
mp3 audio "Cheap Thrills"
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    This is a rock groove in a 12-bar blues form. It IS a cheap thrill to play, because it’s fun. The left hand, don’t swing it. Play it straight and accent the backbeats (2&4) when you get it down. Don’t pound, bounce. Bubble. Strong bubbles. The bassline is the classic shuffle pattern that goes all the way back to Robert Johnson. Play it the same on the three chords of the song, C, F and G (transpose it). It’s a great groove to improvise with, because the rhythm is simple, and you can focus on the right hand.
    The melody is all in the blues minor scale (C-Eb-F-F#-G-Bb-C). Practice the holy heck out of that. Listen to the recording, and pick out the notes off the page. It’s a three phrase blues form: melody does the same thing twice, and then changes it up the third time (A-A-B). Learn the melody all by itself. Play the bassline all by itself. When you put them together, do just a couple measures at a time! Feel free to change the melody notes once you got it, but keep the rhythm of the melody (keep using the blues scale), and the FORM (a-a-b). Imitate what you hear. Invent new things from that.