I teach children from ages 8 and up . Why don't I teach them younger? Kids need a comfortable environment where they feel very little pressure to feel good about playing music and enjoying it.   While I do use method books with the kids, I do not pile on the homework at the early stages at all.   It takes a while to develop the 'routine' of getting around the piano, or any musical instrument.   It's important to remember they are being introduced to music in general, and it is a period of exploration .   In addition to giving them easy beginner books to help them understand notes and how to use their fingers, they learn: clapping and foot rhythms; known songs to play by ear;   how to make up songs and sounds of their own (it isn't that much harder than painting); and whatever I can introduce them to about sound.   At my studio I have a piano, synthesizers, a drum set (my son's), guitars, percussion and even a computer program they can play music on while waiting for their lesson!!   We use all of it.

    I usually have around 7-8 students from ages 8-12.   I work with a kindergarten class each week at Paul Revere Elementary here in Bernal Heights (3 years running).   I also am a parent myself (my son is 8). 

    Finally, there is no rush for your child to excel at an amazing level.   [I did not start playing piano until I was 11, and by the time I was 16 I could play very very well.]    Bringing them along comfortably, and keeping their confidence up, is the thing.   Having said that, I do want to stress that we are still working towards their developing their musical senses, and piano playing, and there is a time where 'just having fun' needs get out of the sandbox and move down the trail. Taking private lessons in music is different from most everything else they do, especially the different arrangement of seeing someone just once a week and having home assignments that last a week and for some reason they are supposed to do them over and over. Weird!!   They don't do that with school work.   So that takes time.   I am happy to work with parents with what is expected of each child, and to have an environment of support for them.