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Music for Kids, ages 8 and up

    Music is a simple endeavor. It combines melody and harmony in rhythm. All the beginning and intermediate pieces here focus on developing facility with these elements of music. Each lesson is a piece of music in: 1. Sheet music PDF files that print out great. 2. An mp3 file for using your ear. 3. A “Notepad”** file that you can listen to in general midi, change tempo, change the key and other neat things (they also look better on the screen). 4. A BRIEF explanation as to what to do with the dang thing. The pieces were made up by me as there is a dearth of fun beginning/intermediate rock/blues/pop/goth music written by actual rock and roll players available for students. Right now I have posted 4-5 lessons, and I will continue to add more and develop an archive. This is an active website.

Lesson 1: Rhythm: Two Hand Rhythms
Lesson 2: Rhythm: On The Beat Off The Beat
Tune: "Sunlight in my Window"
Lesson 4: Tune: "Mnemo"
Lesson 8: Tune: "Cheap Thrills"
Lesson 9: Improvisation

** NOTE: These lessons require Finale Notepad to view the interactive sheet music. Download Finale Notepad plugin free. Download Finale .mus lesson files to your computer before opening in Note Pad.

  EVERY STUDENT IS DIFFERENT. I really like to encourage everyone to play the keyboard and not get bottled up in doing everything in eensy weensy steps.   I did not do that when I started, and I don't think anybody has to.   There ARE important eensy weensy steps things, but that doesn't mean you can't get some good sound going right away. The trick is to use creativity with your hands to set yourself in motion.  I call it "wading into the water," and by that I mean the student comes on in, and takes a chance.   We play together in lessons to build the musical sense of timing, etc.   It's really pretty fun. It may go against what some expect instruction to be, and they stay on the shore dry as toast.   No butter, jam, nothing. I've seen that before and patience comes in handy here.   Right after we push you in.
    Your hands being able to keep up with what you are thinking so you can be in the moment is what improvising and creativity relies upon . That and being a little rebellious.   In fact, a tad of rebellion combined with diligence, though seemingly strange bedfellows, are the combination that gets the juices flowing.