Grew a beard for Halloween, and kept it...for now!

Erik Ian Walker has been working as a musician, composer and teacher in the Bay Area since 1982.  A graduate of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music (1980, composition),  Mr. Walker's work has included extensive experience writing music for modern dance, experimental theater, film, leading rock, blues, jazz and progressive rock bands, and teaching children and adults of all ages.  Hey, some kids are 45!  He currently teaches private lessons out of his studio in Bernal Heights in San Francisco, home of WackoWorld Music.  He taught private lessons and group rock classes at Blue Bear School of Music (1982-1998) and is on the current faculty for the Community Music Center (1998-2018), both venerable San Francisco institutions.  Erik has deep knowledge of music theory, and and understanding of style and improvisation that is unique among teachers, and his ability to coach students to explore their creativity is a focal point of his teaching style.  He currently operates the recording studio at WackoWorld, producing his own records, and albums for numerous Bay Area music groups.  Please use the contact tab to inquire about lessons or to schedule recording time.