Excerpt of CLIMATE available on YouTube!

Hi Folks,

an excerpt of CLIMATE is now available on YouTube, on my Channel.  


This covers "The Ride," the part where we start from no change in the temperature due to climate change up to 7 degrees centigrade hotter.  

This excerpt from the piece CLIMATE, shows the timeline from the year 1897 to 2125, when the surface temperature of the planet rises by 7ºC. Performed by the Climate Music Ensemble. The graphs show temperature rise, Co2 change, and earth energy balance (incoming solar energy and outgoing solar energy. The data controls parameters in the music.

These data numbers are from data supplied by the UC Berkeley Climate Lab (compiled and vetted by scientists around the world), from known data, and predicted future numbers from available data, based on 'business as usual'- that is, if there is no change to the amount of fossil fuels being used by humans, and the resulting increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

This piece was commissioned by the ClimateMusic Project (climatemusic.org) in 2016.

Temperature controls pitch, harmony

Co2 level controls tempo

Ocean PH (not shown in video) controls Form (integrity and structure)

Earth Energy Balance controls texture/distortion/modulation


Michele Walther: violin

Erik Ian Walker: piano, bass, drums, synthesizers

Scott Brazieal: piano, synthesizer

Thomas Dimuzio: live sampling/processing, Buchla Music System, organ

Bill Noertker: bass

©2017 by Erik Ian Walker

Music published by WakoWorld Music (BMI) all rights reserved.

Video ©2017 ClimateMusic Project (climatemusic.org)

Bottomfeeder Records (bottomfeederrecords.com) BF10



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